Nurturing Spa Client Growth Amid the Covid19 Pandemic


Through our collaboration with Sakura Spa, we addressed the challenges of the pandemic by developing a user-friendly website, a captivating brand video, and an effective SEO advertising strategy, resulting in an 80% increase in clientele and a 200% boost in revenue, ultimately improving their overall user experience.

The Kickoff: Understanding the Brand and Business Goals

During a remote workshop with the owner of Sakura Spa, I developed a strategy to increase profit by exploring brand attributes and identifying the target audience. We decided to create a website and a brand video to showcase the personality of the spa and build trust with potential clients.

Research: Competitive Analysis, User Personas, Customer Journey Mapping

Through a competitive analysis of similar businesses within a 20-mile radius, I identified opportunities for Sakura Spa to raise prices while remaining competitive, focus on skincare facials to increase profit, and prioritize one-on-one services due to COVID-19.

Additionally, I developed user personas and mapped their journey on the new website to gain a better understanding of our users and their interactions with the spa.

User Experience: Content Audit, Information Hierarchy, User Flow

I conducted a content audit for Sakura Spa, categorizing services into skincare, nailcare, and waxing for easy navigation.

The website design prioritized the "about" and COVID safety sections, featuring a single-page layout that highlights services, prices, and encourages engagement through the brand video.

User Interface: Wireframes, Stylescapes, Video Content

For Sakura Spa's mobile website design, I incorporated brand attributes exercises to reflect the spa's personality and meet website goals, using a color scheme and font that conveyed a soft, luxurious ambiance. I also filmed a brand video emphasizing the spa's COVID cleanliness standards to establish a connection with potential new clients.

Marketing: SEO Tools, & Social Platforms

To enhance Sakura Spa's visibility, I implemented search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, including registering the business on platforms like Google Business, Yelp, and Google Maps. Additionally, I utilized tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics to monitor and analyze the spa's online performance.
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